Well, we must admit that we absolutely fell in love with London. We liked the city so much that we even consider moving house there one day. Anyway, we spent almost 72 hours in London, tried to go sightseeing as much as we could and enjoy every single minute there. And we did really enjoy. We stayed in a Harry Potter stylish room, travelled by iconic double-deckers down the city and left us speechless at the top of Sky Garden […] Read More

London’s Shoreditch Grind

What would it be for a trip if we hadn’t visited at least one of London’s cafés. Even when visiting and exploring foreign cities and places which are for us new and unknown, we still remain being the two coffeelovers as you know from our blog. Of course, this time it couldn’t have been different. When we were scrolling down the instagram profile @londoncoffeeshops, we found a really beautiful and cosy café which we fell in love with and wanted […] Read More

SKØG Urban Hub in Brno | Coffee Guide

This is definitely a must-visit place in Brno. A little bit hipster café in the city centre will blow your mind as soon as you come in. White, minimalist and clean space with a great couple of coffee or a piece of delicious cake – this is SKØG Urban Hub. As we personally checked it, we strongly recommend you stop there when going around. Check our photos and do not hesitate to ask us for more information! 🙂 

First & third time in Brno

This week we made a day trip to Brno: to the second biggest city in the Czech Republic, an arch-hipness city which definitelly demands your attention. The truth is that none of us have had the chance to get to know that city before. Actually, it was my third visit of the town and D.’s first. But we honestly fell in love with the place. The town leaves you reeling with options for exploring, starting with Spilberk castle right down to […] Read More